Application & Use

  • Step1: Style your hair normally and make sure it is dry. (Don’t use any hairspray.)
  • Step2: Shake Fuzze liberally over the thinning area until the area is completely covered.
  • Step3: Gently pat hair to disperse fibers for optimal coverage.
  • Step4: Watch the hair building fibers in action. In 30 seconds, you will have thicker, fuller looking hair!
  • Step5: Close the Fuzze container tightly and store away from moisture.


For external use only. That means don’t eat or inhale this product. Also, use your intelligence – if you develop a rash or irritation, stop using the product. This product is not meant for your eyebrows or eyes. If you accidentally get Fuzze in your eyes, rinse with water immediately. Don’t let your kids play with it – Keep out of children’s reach.

Helpful Tips:

If the fibers accidentally drop onto a surface, don’t worry. They won’t stain. Just brush them off.
Make sure to choose a color that will match your roots, as well as any additional hair colors you might have. When in doubt, choose the darker shade.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. The Fuzze team is here to help you.

No Bald Patches! No Thinning Hair Areas! Only Fuller and Thicker Hair!!